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Visual Design

As important as content is, if your identity isn't one that stands out from the pack, you're starting at a disadvantage. NF's artists will craft a look and feel that is both unique and easily identifiable among the myriad brands consumers face every day. We love design, and we pay attention to the little things that matter - details that will make your brand memorable.

Information Architecture / Usability / Interaction Design

That being said, a good design without substance is a wasted opportunity in the world of marketing. We are adept at developing workflows, user interface philosophies, and interactive strategies, to maximize both the time consumers spend with your brand, and the experience they derive from that time. Form needs function.

Design Theme & Style Guide Development

If your brand is part of a larger entity, or you need to develop a more comprehensive strategy for deployment across a number of locations, NF will create an overarching theme to manage the parent brand. We can also design and implement style guides for all associated sites or brands under your company's mantle, providing a cohesive visual experience.


Interactive Applications

The web changed the way we all do business, and the way people expect to experience content. Don't make the mistake of talking to people, when you can talk with them. Interactive content is crucial to the development of any brand, but it needs to offer something to the recipient. We'll help you find that value, and deliver it.

Mobile Development

The iPhone has changed the landscape of the mobile computing market forever. Even beyond that specific platform, mobile is the next frontier to conquer. NF understands this intimately, and will craft an experience that not only capitalizes on the popularity of this market, but provides a rich and fulfilling user platform on which to build interest in your brand.

Social Media Development

Facebook is an unprecedented success on any scale. Along with the rich social marketing aspects the community offers is an entire software framework that is easy for users to interact with, and viral in its ability to reach new ones. We can help you capitalize on this infrastructure and gain a whole new audience.

Infrastructure Setup / Deployment / Maintenance

There's a lot that goes into building and maintaining your online presence. We can make it as painless as possible for you. From development to deployment, content management to hosting, NF has you covered. We'll take care of the details, and you can focus on the ideas that make your brand stronger.


Product / Conceptual Development

Every successful brand started with an idea, from the largest to the smallest. NF will help you take yours and make it into a viable, tangible product. Whether you need sketches or business plans, we can provide the steps your brand will need to take on its way to launch.

Competitive Analysis

Utilizing both first-hand analysis of current trends and software integration with platforms like Omniture and Eloqua, we can observe and synthesize data as it's generated in real-time, to provide you with the best possible solutions to the problems you don't even have yet.


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