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The Order

Your Humble Narrators

We're a group of people dedicated to building cool things. We work hard and enjoy what we do, and we try to communicate that philosophy through our relationships with clients. We've been around long enough to know how we don't want to operate, and we're trying to create a new kind of partnership with the people who want to work with us.

We're artists, music lovers (and makers), film buffs, gamers, athletes, readers and thinkers. We are more than the sum of our parts, and we pride ourselves on bringing the more interesting facets of our personalities out in our work.


Deviously Awesome Arts and Crafts

We solve problems at every level. Bring us in early and we can help you conceive and visualize your entire mobile and web strategy. If you've already got a direction, we'll help you push it to completion. At every phase, we strive to create better experiences for users, understanding implicitly that technology exists to serve those using it. We make strategic choices with reality in mind but always try to stay a step ahead, anticipating change and embracing it.

We're creative and we like challenges. And we'd rather not be just another vendor on a list of resources. We strive to educate our clients throughout our working process because invariably it leads to better projects with better results. Sharing our knowledge and experience helps everyone grow and allows us to continue building great things.

Modus Operandi

We Love It When a Plan Comes Together

We approach each project holistically, understanding that the individual parts of a project must be cultivated in order to achieve a successful end product. Our philosophy is a simple one: carefully detailed planning at every step in the preliminary phases of a project will yield the best results.

Discovery is critical to understanding the nature of the product's purpose, and is necessary to gather ideas about the scope of the project. Goal-setting discussions occur, as well as the identification of business drivers to further isolate the points of focus. Comprehensive project planning and scheduling ensure a constant state of momentum in a forward direction, and functional bucketing serves to strip away any superfluous features that might impinge on progress. User interaction and use-cases are meticulously outlined and examined to provide a pathway through which the needs of the user are fulfilled. Annotated information architecture and wireframes visually construct and provide tangible discussion points for exactly how the product's core qualities will be organized and accessed. User experience experts evaluate exactly what the product is, what it is supposed to do, and where the value for an end-user lies before a single creative design is filed.

Following the planning and specification process, creative design and development of the product commences. Stringent attention is paid to the details laid out in the documentation, as it is those previous discussions that drive development progress. Quality assurance testing is performed, and the product is put through its subsequent revisions to flesh out the best aspects and strengthen any that need it. Deployment, assessment, and maintenance follow the product through its life cycle, and provide closure to the creative process while establishing an ecosystem of support around the newly released application.

League of Heroes

Justin Marcucci
Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 21
Seth Clifford
Chief Information Officer
Ext. 22
Dave Vioreanu
Chief Product Officer
Ext. 23
Brian Niemiec
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 35
Steve Merusi
Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 24
Bert Olsson
Principal Technologist
Ext. 29
Jeremy Mayes
Director of Creative Services
Ext. 58
Jay Johnston
Director, Project Management
Ext. 33
Aaron Usiskin
UX Director
Ext. 59
Zaib Malik
Art Director
Ext. 26
Thomas Cocuzza
Sr. System Engineer
Ext. 48
Scott Smalley
Senior Project Manager
Ext. 32
Leah Hartman
Senior Project Manager
Ext. 57
Chris Miller
Application Engineer
Ext. 40
Kevin Folinus
Application Engineer
Ext. 51
Ryan Gleason
Lead Mobile Developer
Ext. 53
Ceazarr Townsend
Senior Interactive Developer
Mark Fazzio
Interactive Developer
Ext. 42
Ariel Matos
Interactive Developer
Kevin Truby
Interactive Developer
Fatih Ozaydin
Interactive Developer
Andy Thaller
Interactive Developer
Julian Raymar
Interactive Developer
Memduh Gorkem
Senior Mobile Developer
Jesse Read
System Engineer
Satchell Drakes
Senior UX Designer
Ext. 47
Nick Pierro
Senior UX Designer
Virginia Hall
Senior UX Designer
Ext. 54
Lindsey Wojtowicz
UX Designer
David Riedy
UX Designer
Paul Lee
Service Desk Manager
Ext. 45
Gianna Villarroel
Project Manager
Ext. 25
Annie Montero
Project Manager
Ext. 38
Steve Meigh
Project Manager
Ext. 31
Kelly Mills
Office Manager
Ext. 46
Kera Pezzuti
Junior Data Analyst
Ext. 30
Emilee Kovolisky
Office Assistant

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